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Free Credit


Okay, Free Credit is this web page Fun Topic

Well, this certain web  page is not diplayed in any of our menus titles. Firstly, you would only reach this web if you clicked on the No Credit Check 0% Interest Credit banner on the sidebar.

Secondly, 0% Interest Free, £1,000 Credit with no credit checks whatsoever. Thirdly, this No Credit Check delight for eCommerce Promotion - will be managed interanlly by Ste-B2B Promotions Finance Dept.

The offer, is strictly member exclusive and limited to 1 credit account per company. Because, even maybe if you have 10-100 possible eCommerce projects. Very strictly, only one application per parent company would be accepted.


Consequentally, as you've clicked on our 0% Interest Free Credit banner. We understand, how you  may be in need of further information. For the reason, of needing £1,000 eCommerce Marketing Interest free credit?

For starters here, for any applicant there would be a 20% non-refundable £200 deposit. Therefore,this 20% deposit would then instantly be deducted from your credit and payments balance, to be fair.

You must understand, how Ste-B2B Finance Dept. Easily, having an up front payable 20% deposit This purpose, would still give you total £1,200 to try and use to spend on any of our campaigns.

Camaigns, inlude all promotions, bonuses, extras and/or price reductions? All campaigns types, are to be included.The repayable £1,000 will be repaid £50 on either 1st or 15th of each calendar month.

Or, which is the closest of these both payments dates that falls after the date we provide you with £1,200 permission from us for you to begin using of any campaigns to spend your credit.


Now then, there are no documents or forms to fill-out. Also, there is no signature, digital or physical signature required. You will only be asked a few questions, Mainly, on the viability and success factors of your eCommerce projects. Because, this is trust based only/ And, member exclusive.

Ste-B2B, Finance Dept. would also gain insight into your eCommerce projects success factors by understanding how you wish to use your £1,200 on which of our campaigns.

A refusal of  credit should not  try to reapply for credit facilities until 3 full calendar months afer the refused application. Finally, once you have made a few payment.

To the Finance Dept. discretion you may be asked if you, should wish to increase your credit limit gradually. Over 2 years of gradual credit increases, you would be invited to apply for a total up to £10,000.

Certainly, still with the same relaxed 0% Interest Free Credit. Along with, still being credit checks free. From, any credit bias to hinder your promotional plans?

Stripe Protected Payment Method Send Your £200 Deposit

Providing You £1,200 to Spend on Ste-B2B Campaigns

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