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Email Blog 2022 is this web page fun topic.

Email Blog

Email Blog 2022

Well, it's Ste-B/Himself here. Therefore, I am the original founder and owner of Ste-B2B Promotions. Firstly, you must understand how there are huge differences between web/blog and email copywriting content. So, for web/blog content and high onsite SEO Page Scores, view a few of our pages and you would discover a repeated method.

Secondly, in web/blog or email content there are certain styles and wording that may be of  benefit or may cause harm. For instance, with web or blog pages, transition wording is needed. Plus, it's not always practical or possible, but web or blog pages are suggested by Google to contain over 2,000-words.

For this reason, we would suggest having more wording than any keyword competitors. My problem is, this is an email marketing blog, but I'm diverting the topic. I suggest for more information on web or blog pages content, you should visit the 3 pages below.

Email Blog Spam Content

Consequently, email marketing is reported to have one of the highest marketing medium ROI. If successful, it's no marketing secret of how each $1 invested in email marketing can return up to $38. Although, there are many pitfalls before you can reach inboxes, with the main mistakes I'll mention below.

Spamming is not polite, it's unethical and carries email delivery penalties. But, spamming covers so many areas, which could include any of the following, I suggest you view the list of what is and what's not accepted below.

  • Email Subject <30 Characters
  • PNG Image Format Works Best
  • 1x Image May Need 300 words to balance ratios
  • Use both HTML and Plain Txt formats
  • 0% Spam Words (Check for free with SpamAssassin)
  • Use Recipient's Name or Username
  • Verify Members Lists (We can manage this)
  • Use Social Media Sharing Icon Links
  • Tell Recipients How You Have their Email
  • a-Use Unsubscribe Links
  • b-Use Author Copyright Disclaimer in Email Footer
  • c-Use Business/Trading Address
  • d-Use Contact Name
  • e-Use Return Email
  • f-Use Contact Call Number 

But. don't lose heart by some of the above list. As, there is help and apps available. Ste-B2B, have worked with many of the leading email marketing platforms. However, we now use a premium SMTP server and subscribe to or own the following apps/tools.

Approved Apps/Tools

  1. Atomic Mailer
  2. Bulk Mailer
  3. SendBlaster

Ste-B2B, Senior Admin and myself have found the 3x email marketing apps/tools above have similar setups and costs. Extensive support, for the apps/tools is provided. None the less, we  never needed any support.

Which Email Marketing App is Best?

Because Ste-B2B is fortunate to use 3 mail senders, not every website would need more than one mail sender. The best is also cheapest, with lifetime access, unlimited members, member lists and email deliveries. This would be SendBlaster 4 Pro. SendBlaster 4 Pro is also the fastest to deliver emails. It can send many 1,000's messages in a few minutes instead of many hours or days

Many, many thanks, for opening this web page and for reading the content through. For this, I would suggest you bookmark the /SEO/ URL link below.


Kindly Consider to Share Us with Friends
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