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Geo-targeted and Niche Targeted Bulk Email Lists

Hi again,

Geo-Targeted and niche targeted Email Campaigns Update - of how Ste-B-B2B Email Lists are now Guaranteed to return Zero Bounce Rates, with all triple opt-in, verified, active volunteer recipients. We would also provide you with a Like-for-Like Email Campaigns Price-Beater Guarantee - for any lesser costing supplier found within 30 days of unique first purchase orders. "Well, I couldn't say fairer than this."

This current web page you're now visiting displays the many available Ste-B-B2B Email Lists Campaigns, which are delivered to our resourced many hundreds of millions of email recipients. Of which with our Geo-targeted and niche targeted Email Campaigns, we can provide all db-B2B-UK email campaigns with a Guaranteed Minimum 3% Email CTR, (Click Through Rate.)

I can supply Geo-targeted and Niche Targeted Email Lists, to satisfy every business development marketing campaign budget. With prices from as low as, $6.75USD for first 5,000 Email recipients - through up to campaigns of up to 10 Million recipients - which I have decided to cap our email campaigns sales at. We are an Email marketing retailer, along with also being an email marketing wholesaler and reseller. If you would prefer a quote for over, 10 Million Email Campaign Recipients: Click Here

Please Note: I would strongly recommend that you read completely through the below Email Campaigns Information, Advice and tips, before heading out to purchase any niche targeted and Geo-targeted email lists. I regret once you have set your delivery start date and your start date arrives, it would be impossible to alter email content, stop the deliveries or for yourself to have any claims for a campaign purchase refund or reissue of deliveries.

Email Campaigns Information, Advice & Tips:

db-B2B-UK/Email-Lists have no set maximum amount of text body, word count content limit - however, please consider the longer an email, the more chance you have of a recipient closing the content prematurely and failing to respond to your Call to Action requests or any special email marketing promotions or exclusive email offers.

For Email 'Titles,' of which up to 3 titles are permitted, it's recommended you keep each title down to under 30 text characters. Also, I have experienced past issues with domain names and email titles, containing certain special text characters. Should your Email Campaign contain such special text characters, you would usually be advised in Email Titles or refunded if your domain name is affected by certain special text characters, that are not allowed as part of an URL.

How are Our Email Lists Resourced?

Our email resources run thousand's of ads through their network and many various websites that offer newsletters for many different company industries and niche targets. As part of the list management agreements, I'm able to send from, 5,000 up to unlimited amounts of recipients, highly targeted emails to those lists managed. This current web page displays email contacts to be capped at 10 million recipients, for contacts above displayed 10 million, please Contact Here where we can negotiate pricing.

Every Email resourced, or managed for clients, are all previous triple opt-in recipients, through my Email resources exclusive opt-in processes. As an additional surety and further client confidence generator, my Email lists are always safe and always guaranteed, for optimum RoI, plus, lowest minimum CTRs.

Are All Email Referrals the Same?

Answered quite simply, No. Our referrals come from various Email providers, including Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, RR.com and other Email account providers. The above-mentioned Email accounts providers are usually which are displayed as the referral type. We can also provide retail and business contacts.

Our provided Geo-targeted and niche targeted Email Lists Categories include 70+ Niches, plus 12 Geo-targets, including the below-listed Email recipients targeted countries.

Which Dynamic Data can I Insert into Emails?

Please surround dynamic, (Custom) data inserts with [Brackets]

Examples of dynamic data insert types have been provided below.

Salutation - [salutation]    (Example, Mr, Mrs, Dr) First name - [first]

First name - [first]

Last name - [last]

Email - [email]

Target - [target] City - [city] State - [state]

Dynamic Data Email with Example Inserts Layout:

Dear [salutation] [first] [last],

I am sending this email message, as you have been selected for a limited marketing offer, exclusive to companies of [city], [state] exclusively.

The Above Dynamic Data Inserts Example would Read As:

Dear Mr John Doe,

I am sending this email message as you have been selected for a limited marketing offer, to companies of Houston, Texas exclusively.

Or, if you don't have the copywriting skills or time, you could very simply have our Ste-B-B2B business, web and email content, professional copywriting assistant, Hellen, compose your Email content, from, just £25/per first 500 email text content word count, or £45/per 1000-word count.

Or, £50/per 300-word count, of riveting and highly converting email copy content - please Click Here to Contact Hellen, through our prepared Ste-B-B2B copy write web page - Clicking on the above provided red text link, would divert you to our Email content copywriter for hire or simply click Email Copy, in the Header Menu or right-side column Menu or Footer Menu, of this or any web page on this site.

The copywriting team head hired by us, Hellen, composes engaging, riveting, compelling and converting email sales copy - Email contact marketing, has recently been reported to be one of the major, most influential marketing method mediums, providing yourself with lower PPC, plus higher conversion rates. 

Set below is our Bulk Email List Campaigns, which you could create individual, custom campaigns designed exclusively for your website - by setting Geo-target and Niche Category Bulk Email Campaigns options, in the drop-down lists, provided with each Geo-targeted and niche Targeted Email Campaign ordered.

Please note: Any bonuses are not included with our 'CPM Crushing Today's Price' or Bulk Emails 'Monthly Special', as these have already been reduced to our reseller/wholesale costs. Please feel free to price competitor Geo-targeted and Niche Targeted Bulk Emails, as we know you'll return after finding none cheaper for like-for-like campaigns than here at db-B2B-UK -


Ste-B-B2B Bulk Email Lists Geo-locations

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

db-B2B-UK are excited to have began our NEW Traffic and Email Monthly Special's, campaigns which are currently fixed at our usually strictly exclusive reseller/wholesale prices. Monthly Special traffic and email campaigns have been created due to popular client demand for 1,000 per day deliveries, spread over 30 days. We would suggest you invest in db-B2B-UK Monthly Special campaign's reseller/wholesale prices, today. Right here we can send 30,000 Bulk Email Deliveries over 30 days for just $58. Our regular 25,000 deliveries is fixed at $62

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Thanks for viewing our Geo-targeted and niche targeted email lists. Since you've reached near the footer of this web page, I would like to kindly urge you to scroll up the page a little and select the appropriate quantity of Email marketing campaign suitable to your company's needs and budget. For Ste-B-B2B active Members, there's an extra added bonus email deliveries adjusted through campaigns orders quantities.

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