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It's Affiliates News which is this web page Fun Topic.

Hello, Dear Affiliate Member,

During a Ste-B2B Affiliate Members count just a few minutes ago we had a total of 16,923 Affiliate Members. Ste-B2B affiliate member commissions can be between 15-85% of generated affiliate orders.

Typically, 85% of affiliate commissions would be for orders of any Marketing/SEO Apps/Tools of which we have MRR Master Resell Rights. 50% affiliate commissions would typically be for orders of our Budget - Offsite SEO Plans.

With 25% affiliate commissions, would typically be for General Niches or Adult + Casino niches backlinks - including our Unique Blog Comments. We display backlinks for up to £875 for 100million orders.

20% affiliate commissions, would typically be for web design or dropship supported websites set up. Finally, 15% Commissions would very typically be for all traffic types and bulk emails.

Ste-B2B is a Google News Approved Agency. We weren't accredited as being Google News Approved by the usual methods of needing Newsfeeds plugins. No, Ste-B2B was accredited for its own web page content being high-quality, informative and regularly updated.

During the next few days, Ste-B2B will also have reached over 1million pages read. We also generate 1,000-1,500 daily organic visitors. We also have over 55.000 verified and active members. If we include over 16,000 affiliate members in our regular signup members, then the total exceeds 70,000 members.


We know 100% of Ste-B2B Affiliate Members have a website. For this reason, we are going to publish some web pages we understand will help your blog/website to progress.

Many, many thanks, for opening and reading this post through. As a reward for you, save the URL below to your web browser bookmarks.

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